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Fashion at the British Engineerium

And in case anyone missed it I thought I would include the video shot at the British Engineerium for my good friend Gresham Blake. It is a fashion video showcasing his new collection from Brighton’s best loved rock star tailor. Soundtrack – Jason Phats. Enjoy! Mike Holland.

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Independent documentary on the Engineerium Museum

I have found that many people who come to the Engineerium love every aspect of what we have and what we are trying to do here. Here is an independent documentary that was made on the Engineerium that may give you a small insight to some of what we do here. Enjoy! Mike Holland.

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West Pier: Time to do something about it

Next year marks a decade since the fire which tragically burnt down Brighton’s iconic West Pier. Ten years with no progress. Not forgetting the wasted 40 years since the West Pier first closed in 1975. Leaving it as it is is not an option. I have stood about waiting long enough to see someone take action. Nobody has. The West …

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Secret Millionaire

Following the TV airing of my challenging, but extremely rewarding, time in Grimsby as part of the Channel 4 documentary The Secret Millionaire; I want to reiterate my warm thanks to all of the people involved.  The programme’s premise works to integrate successful businessmen and women into disadvantaged societies so that they may experience first-hand the difficulties facing people less …

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Fully Developed – An Article in Latest Homes

All property projects have one thing in common – the theory is the same. I learnt very early on that unless you buy right, there is no point in taking the project on. Once you have committed to a project it is very important to keep a tight rein on the purse strings from day one. The second fixing is …

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