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What’s Happening – A Common Sense Party for Christmas?

Well whoopee. A million things to sort out and what are we focusing on a proposal backed by our deputy leader suggesting scrapping the titles Mr and Mrs from official council forms. You almost have to say “Get a life” My goodness if that’s the best we can do then the City is in a sorry state with a pretty …

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A Busy Week at the British Engineerium

As usual it’s been a busy week of meetings and events but it’s great to see the ball rolling and really picking up speed with all my plans for the British Engineerium.  I’m aiming to keep the whole process eco-friendly and community focused so the support I’ve had from a number of local companies and initiatives is exciting. It will …

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On my Soapbox with Whats Happening

Well for once I wholeheartedly agree with the council’s proposal to support Volks Railway.  My criticism, if I have one, is that it has been presented in such a way that many people see this as a solar power project when it is simply a long overdue revamp of the stations, engine shed and rolling stock.  The solar power element …

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