“Waffling, Wellied-Wallies” – What’s Happening (April 2012)

“Waffling, Wellied-Wallies” – What’s Happening (April 2012)

This is a small extract from my article in the April issue of What’s Happening magazine. To read the entire feature visit www.whatshappeningmag.co.uk


Education should be about jobs

There is way too much emphasis on traditional education. Why can the educationalists and particularly politicians who are so very clever and know everything not accept that everyone cannot be a chief. There have to be some Indians too.

Why is it that we have become incensed with insisting our offspring all go for the same old qualifications? Why are we not promoting manufacturing and engineering skills? Why are we not promoting apprenticeships for our young people? Why are we, who are supposed to be adults, allowing what is becoming a lost generation of over-qualified unemployed, to become the role models for generations to come?

How many of us know somebody who has a qualification in marine biology for example that has never managed to find a job in marine biology?

For those of you who are jumping up and down by now ranting on that I am a nutter and don’t know what I am talking about, ask yourself this. If we have enough Indian’s why is it that in just about every job that does not require a qualification it is extremely difficult to find someone who is not Eastern European?

The answer to that is not that there are no British people unemployed. It is, I am afraid, a sad fact that our youngsters have been led to believe that they are too good for serving or fetching and carrying because they now have a qualification. Also of course the majority of Eastern Europeans have that quaint old trait that we used to have when I was growing up “The Work Ethic” now sadly lacking, I am afraid, in much of our society.