A Very Happy New Year.

A Very Happy New Year.

A very happy new year to you. Easy to say isn’t it and how often we hear it said quite often by complete strangers who probably couldn’t give a tinkers cuss whether you have a happy new year or not. It’s one of those strange things we feel obliged to say even though as we all know the goodwill is likely to be extremely short lived.

Perhaps we could change things and have a sort of monthly goodwill chance instead of annual. It seems that we are still wishing each other happy new year up till about mid January so perhaps we could opt for a monthly top up thereby extending the season of goodwill throughout the year. For example as January is pretty much taken care of with the happy new year wishes for each other we could reinvent ourselves for the second month by wishing each other a peaceful, healthy and wealthy February and so on throughout the year.

It may be that if we adopted this idea and put it into play we could actually avoid some of the unpleasant things we inflict on each other throughout the year. With the current system we do seem to forget those annual good wishes pretty quickly which I am sure with constant reminders we could keep to the forefront of our minds.

Likewise the famous New Years resolution. How many of us stick to those throughout the year? I have made quite a few this year in the hope that some of them stick. I have also put reminders into my diary so that I may remind myself regularly and keep on track. One of my regular resolutions is to maximise on my time. By that I mean do not allow others to waste my time. Easier said than done and despite this particular annual resolution I still get sucked in to people who turn up on my doorstep with what is commonly described as a “good idea”

These ideas are invariably so good that the mastermind behind the scheme has so far not been able to get it off the ground. However the good news is that with the assistance of my hard earned cash and expertise” we” are going to make an absolute fortune. The bad news is that despite only allowing myself to become involved in a handful of these sure fire schemes to date. The few I have become involved with have cost me dearly both in time and money.

Therefore this year I have added to my “maximise on your time” resolution a rider with triple star rating advising myself not to allow others to waste any of my precious time or hard earned money. In readiness i have prepared a couple of stock phrases I intend to use when as an entrepreneur I am approached throughout the year by people with good ideas. The first question I am going to ask is ” please explain what you are going to be doing whilst I am carrying out your idea?” The second question is going to be.

“Please explain exactly what your idea is going to do to enhance my life experience. On reflection had I asked these questions prior to becoming involved in the few other people’s madcap good idea schemes i have allowed myself to be sucked into i would never have become involved in any of them. Good luck to the hopeful who presents the next one because with my now monthly reminders I am more than ready for you.

A very happy new year to you all and an equally happy February when it comes around and monthly thereafter.