Good Golly Miss Molly

Good Golly Miss Molly

Little Richard’s immortal words although I doubt he would be deemed politically correct by the numpties from our city who insisted councillor Dawn Barnett be dragged over the coals for having the temerity to suggest Golliwogs are nostalgic. Well as was pointed out to you in one of our previous editions its not only cllr Barnett who feels Gollies are nostalgic and worth keeping. A police leukaemia charity and also the Beaver scouts use them as an emblem on their badges.

How dare anyone suggest that Cllr Barnett attend a diversity course because she believes Gollies are nostalgic. This lady is one of the very few city councillors many of us would class as being of any use whatsoever. She goes way beyond the call of duty for her constituents and far from being insulted should be nominated for an outstanding service award. If ever anyone deserved it Cllr Barnett certainly does. We need more like her in our city and less of the namby pamby jobsworths who complained about this dedicated lady in the first place. Not many of us want wingers like these representing us. Indeed not many of us even want them living in our city and wish they would clear off. I hear Hastings and parts of East Kent are nice for wingers because there is currently plenty to winge about.

Councillors should be judged on their achievements and how much respect their constituents have for them. There ought to be some sort of marking system to show the achievements of each individual councillor during their time in office. It would be extremely useful at election time and a good reminder for councillors sitting in safe party seats that they need to do more than simply attend council meetings.

I had the pleasure of spending Christmas at the Hilton Metropole and got talking to a very nice black family on the next table at dinner. There were two children both girls and each had a very nice black doll which surprise surprise looked very much like Rastafarian Gollies. I decided to relay the story of Cllr Barnett, the nambies and the Gollies. They absolutely hooted with laughter and suggested that such nonsense was worthy of the Sunday papers.

We must be the absolute laughing stock of the country anyway with all this idiocy going on and we have still got almost 14 months to go, not that any of us are counting of course but I have got the bunting out in readiness. My advice to you though Cllr Barnett would be to stand as an Independent next election as you will romp home anyway. See how many of your fellow councillors suggest you need diversity training then. They will be far too busy trying to court you for those all important hung policy votes to worry about whether you think Golliwogs are nostalgic or not. It is high time we dispensed with all party politics in local government in any event. Not many people actually care at local level which party their councillor represents. They simply want a better service in local governance than is currently on offer, in particular constituents want listening to which surely is not too much to ask.

As for me I’ve started collecting Gollies again cos guess what? This has made me realise just how nostalgic they are.